Ongoing Support

friend-in-needOffering ongoing support to program leaders is an important ministry of the national office. As you build and strengthen BeFriender Ministry in your church or organization, the National Office provides the following support services:


• Complimentary “BeFriender Ministry Connection” emails.  If we do not currently have your email address, you may subscribe to receive the communication.

• “Like” BeFriender Ministry on Facebook to receive ongoing communication and networking. Make sure to select the “Like” button at the top of the BeFriender Ministry Page. This is a fun opportunity to connect!

Support for Program Questions

Call the National Office at 952-767-0244 with your BeFriender Ministry questions. You may also email the office or Barb

Quick and User Friendly Ordering

Place product orders by calling the National Office at 952-767-0244 or online (coming soon).

Continuing Education Sessions for your BeFrienders

Program Leaders can purchase Trainer Guides on a variety of topics for BeFrienders’ continuing education. Each trainer guide provides all the materials needed to conduct a 2 hour continuing education session. The guides include session plans and master copies for participant materials.

Continuing Education Sessions for Program Leaders and BeFrienders

Periodically the National Office will hold Continuing Education sessions for program leaders and BeFrienders. The sessions are typically held in the St. Paul/Mpls Metro area. Program leaders in the region will be notified via email with the event flyer and registration form.

If you would like to host one of these sessions at your church or organization please contact the National office. If you are outside the Twin Cities metro area, and would be interested in hosting a session for Program leaders and BeFrienders in your region, please contact us for more information.

Training New Leaders

Once you have established BeFriender Ministry in your church or organization, you want to continue to add to your leadership team in order to grow and sustain the ministry.  New leaders will register and attend Foundations for BeFriender Ministry workshop to prepare them for their role as a member of the leadership team . A full set of program leader materials will be provided.

Current program leaders may retake the Foundations for BeFriender Ministry to reenergize and refresh leadership skills and knowledge. If you have already participated in a Foundations workshop, you will receive $300 off the registration fee to retake the workshop.  A full set of program leader materials will be provided.

Specialized Training

Specialized training for your BeFrienders or leadership team can be provided by the National office on topics related to BeFriender Ministry. Individual churches or groups of churches/organizations can contract with the national office for facilitated events. Contact the National Office with your request and to determine fees.

Look through Specialized Training information