Getting Started

listening over coffeeStep 1: Assess Current Readiness

In order for BeFriender Ministry to be effective, a certain amount of readiness for lay pastoral care must be present. During the Foundations for BeFriender Ministry Workshop, you will receive the necessary resources for preparing your church or organization for BeFriender Ministry. In other words, everything does not need to be perfect in order to begin! You will also learn a discernment process for calling forth BeFriender Ministers.

The following questions may be of help to you in assessing current readiness

Step 2:  Identify the BeFriender Ministry Supervisor

At least one staff person such as (clergy, chaplain, deacon, parish nurse, director of pastoral care, pastoral minister, visitation pastor, etc.) must be on the leadership team as the person with ultimate accountability for the ministry on behalf of the church or organization.

Step 3: Understand the role of the leadership team

The members of the leadership team carry out these functions for the ministry. You do not need to determine roles prior to attending “Foundations for BeFriender Ministry”

  • Trainer. Leads skill development. Trains BeFriender candidates and provides continuing education for BeFrienders.
  • Facilitator. Leads group process. Facilitates a small group process for learning from ministry and supervises BeFrienders.
  • Administrator. Leads program implementation and maintenance. Receives referrals, assigns BeFrienders, regularly evaluates the program, and publicizes the program.

Step  4: Select your Leadership Team

It is recommended that two to five people serve on the leadership team and attend “Foundations for BeFriender Ministry”. (See Selecting Your Leadership Team)

Step  5: Register Leadership Team for Foundations for BeFriender Ministry

Find a time that works for your team and register.  Start here with scheduled workshops

Questions: if you have any questions as you are getting started, please contact BeFriender Ministry at 952-767-0244 or email