What Participants Are Saying

What participants are saying about “Foundations for BeFriender Ministry”
Comments from recent workshop evaluations used with permission

  • “This was the best facilitated training/workshop I have ever attended. I learned more about effective pastoral care in this class then in an entire semester of pastoral care in seminary. Thank you for such an excellent experience!”
  • “A solid foundation for lay pastoral ministry”
  • “It might well prove to be a life and ministry altering experience”
  • “When I reflect on this workshop experience, I am gratified because I feel I have found one of the highest-quality lay ministry training programs to bring back to my congregation.”
  • “In my career I have attended many training sessions. This workshop takes the “cake.” I learned a ton, the information just flowed. Very meaningful and not boring. Thank you!”
  • “This workshop was inspiring, very informative and practical. I appreciate all the opportunities to practice skills. Excellent presenter-informed, enthusiastic, fun and wise. I would recommend this training to others. “
  • “I’ve been to more training sessions, seminars and conferences than I can count. This is the first that has held my interest and attention 100% of the time.”
  • “Fabulous experience, very clearly structured, overview of the entire process, safe and non-threatening, the principles were followed with me as a participant, and God was there!”
  • “Great material, great instructor, great experience!”
  • “It’s worth the investment of time and $ and the skills you learn are so transferable to other areas of life/settings”
  • “Valuable time spent learning the BeFriender training. It was very well organized and implemented. Fun and spirit filled”