Benefits for your Church or organization:

  • Extend high quality pastoral care to more people. Meet growing needs for pastoral care by making it possible for more people to receive care in the name of your church, health care setting, or organization.
  • Build and deepen the sense of Community. When someone receives care from a BeFriender, they feel their church or organization cares about them. The BeFrienders also feel a deepened sense of community.
  • Provide ministry opportunities. Volunteers trained to offer pastoral care have an opportunity to serve.
  • Enhance Skills. Program leaders and BeFrienders gain new skills that enhance ministries throughout your church or organization.
  • Encourage Spiritual growth. Opportunities for growth in faith are available for everyone involved; program leaders, BeFrienders, and those befriended.

Benefits for those receiving the support of a BeFriender:

The value and healing potential of having one’s story heard is profound. Being heard by an objective, compassionate listener allows those visited to experience a sense of support and care from the faith community. Through telling their stories, they also develop a greater self-awareness, which enables them to move forward by recognizing their own strength.

Benefits for the BeFriender:

By becoming a BeFriender, an individual can share their gifts with their church or organization. The opportunity to hear another’s stories can enrich the spirituality and life experiences of the BeFriender. The skills and concepts learned can benefit and strengthen other relationships in the BeFrienders life. BeFriender ministry emphasizes spiritual growth and ongoing learning for the BeFrienders.

Why Choose BeFriender Ministry?

You can easily implement and maintain a ministry that meets your needs and schedule. The program is:

  • Affordable: There are no enrollment or annual fees
  • Comprehensive: At the “Foundations for BeFriender Ministry” workshop, program leaders receive a full set of leadership materials at no additional cost.
  • Respectful of time: Hours are manageable for staff and volunteers with busy schedules
  • Flexible: Program leaders from your church or organization train your BeFrienders when it is most convenient for all involved.
  • Versatile: BeFrienders learn skills to provide pastoral care in any situation. The skills learned are transferable to family, friendship and work relationships.