Ministry Principles

comforting handBeFriender Ministry principles guide the ministry and characterize the pastoral care a BeFriender brings to others.  Honoring these principles supports and strengthens the befriending relationship.

God is present

BeFrienders are aware that they are in God’s presence when befriending someone and that the time shared is a blessing to both the person befriended and the BeFriender.

Caring not curing

BeFrienders accept people as they are without telling them how they should be, listen with compassion without giving advice, and allow others to make their own decisions without trying to decide for them. The care offered by BeFrienders provides an opportunity for those they befriend to make choices and grow.

Nonjudgmental presence

BeFrienders provide a sacred and safe space for someone to talk about their experiences, thoughts, and feelings without being judged or criticized.

Active listening

The value and healing potential of having one’s story heard is profound. BeFrienders actively listen by using communication skills that create an environment of respect and dignity.