Board & Director

Barbara SchweryBarbara Schwery is the Executive Director for the BeFriender Ministry National Office. She has served on the National Office Staff since 1995 and is a certified BeFriender Ministry workshop leader. Barb holds a master of ministry from Seattle University and a bachelor’s degree in social work from the College of St. Catherine, Saint Paul, MN.

Barb has been involved in pastoral ministry since 1981 and has one unit of clinical pastoral education. Prior to joining the national staff Barb served for 13 years as a church-affiliated pastoral minister where she initiated, developed, and maintained BeFriender Ministry programs. She provided direct pastoral care as well as training and ongoing supervision for a variety of volunteers, including BeFriender ministers.

Barb served on the BeFriender ministry Advisory committee prior to her role on the National Staff. She has been a member of the Hopkins Health Care Center advisory board and a member of the Association of Pastoral Ministers serving on the executive board and committees.


BeFriender Ministry Board of Directors

From Left to Right: Reid Johnston (Treasurer), Jeanne Perkins, Carole Frane (Chairperson), Kathy Rosenberg, William Pederson

  • Carole Frane, Chairperson
  • Reid Johnston, Treasurer
  • William Pederson
  • Jeanne Perkins
  • Kathy Rosenberg