A Story of BeFriending

This personal story of receiving BeFriender care is used with permission:

“My BeFriender entered my life when I was experiencing many losses simultaneously – so many losses that I could not wrap my brain around it all and could not move forward with my life.

I had entered into a deep prayer life and also sought professional help, but I wasn’t feeling any better. I felt trapped in my overwhelming losses and did not want to burden my family and friends, for one can only listen so much to the same story without feeling burdened. I did not want to be a burden but knew I had to talk about my losses with someone. When I felt I had hit the lowest point, I finally made the phone call for a BeFriender.

Looking back, I can see that this was the turning point in my life. This BeFriender – a complete stranger- was willing to take time out of her busy schedule to listen patiently over and over again to my woes. The consistency of meeting regularly, the freedom to talk about anything, and the loving acceptance I felt from my BeFriender made all the difference to me. She truly walked with me on my journey of grief by being that valuable listening presence

God bless the BeFriender Ministry and especially my BeFriender. You are truly doing some of God’s greatest work here with hurting people.”